Mie Kremezz

Snack with dry noodles shaped can be consumed directly. It’s crunchy and addictive.

Variants of products:

  • Mie KremezZ
    Dry noodles snack with separate seasoning.
    Flavors: Hot Chili and Grilled Chicken.
    Weight: 15 g and 30 g.
  • Shorr
    Dry noodles snack with mixed seasoning.
    Just tear the wrap and eat.
    Flavors: Grilled Chicken, Sweet Cheese and Balado chilli.
    Weight: 12 g and 22 g.
  • Wave
    New innovations of noodle snack with waveforms and mixed seasoning.
    Flavors: Sweet Chili.
    Weight: 15 g.